Aspenwood Christian School

A Passion for Learning:

You can see it sparkling in their eyes on the first day of school.  The joy of learning.  The love of Jesus.  The pure excitement for the future.  To parents and Christian educators, the importance of what we do is never clearer than in those early years, when habits are formed and a passion for knowledge takes root.

Adventist education specializes in creating experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning.  The ingredients are simple: A Bible-based curriculum, the latest technology, interactive teaching strategies driven by cutting-edge scientific research, and a safe and secure environment where all abilities and talents are honored and accepted.

Wherever you are and whatever adventist school you choose, your children will find fun, invitational classrooms they'll reluctant to leave at the end of each day.  They'll grow close to engaging Christian teachers who reinforce values you're teaching at home.  And they'll discover though study and daily example a God who will be with them through all their future challenges and successes.


3636 Aspenwood St • Sioux City, IA, 51104-2343 • 712-224-2575